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Forbidden Super Foods

Improving Your Life through Superfoods one bite at a time

Forbidden Super Foods

Improving Your Life through Superfoods one bite at a time


Forbidden Superfoods brand stands to educate and enlighten people on the life changing benefits of superfoods through powders, plants, roots, and fruits. In every product we keep it as clean as possible with a powerhouse of nutrients made for everyone’s enjoyment.



Forbidden Superfoods Nutbutter has the best consistency and taste on the market. Now a days a lot of people don’t get enough protein and essential nutrients which causes them to be tired and drowsy. The cherry and acai nut butters are the solution for this. I eat it every night with yogurt and feel great for the next day. - GAVIN (California, USA)


Forbidden Superfoods makes an amazing line of nutrient dense, high vibrations foods. My favorite is the Nut and Seed Bread which is a perfect balance. I love that it is not too sweet or salty and it is just the right density, chock full of amazing ingredients. They are a special treat of a daily staple. They are unmistakably made with love and care! - ELISE 



 I was 8 months pregnant and wanting to stay extra healthy and in my midnight munching extravaganza I ate the Nutbutter and it was the most amazing tasting thing ever and I still eat it today. It was nutrient dense and tasty a very difficult combination to make happen. - MARIA 


I have a very strict diet I have to follow to maintain some health issues.  It is easy for me to feel sorry for myself some days as most people do not have to eat as I do to feel good.  My health coach suggested that I try the Nutbutters because they are super healthy and will keep me on the right track with my diet restrictions.  Normally when I hear something follows my diet restrictions I am prepared for the taste to be just ok - but after eating my first bite I was SUPER EXCITED!!  These Nutbutters ROCK!!  I mean they seriously taste like something that should be unhealthy.  I eat it a number of ways, but my favorite is with apple slices as that tastes like I am eating caramel dip :) - Tracy F. (Illinois, USA)


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