Nut and Seed Bread

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Enjoy our Nut & Seed Bread made from scratch. It is vegan, gluten free, and contains organic ingredients. There are no flours or fillers used in our bread. Just nuts, seeds, and fortified with superfoods. The black currants having vitamin C which is high in antioxidants. The flax seeds are anti-inflammatory and help with hormonal balance. The shredded coconut contains healthy fats, detoxifies your body, and balances your digestive tract. Our Nut & Seed Bread is delicious eaten by itself or toasted. Spread with one of our Nutbutters which will take our bread to a whole new level. Add some sliced avocado and sprouts as an additional option.

1 review for Nut and Seed Bread

  1. Renee Marie Thomas

    I have to have this bread on a daily basis! Just a tiny sliver powers me through my crazy day! There’s nothing like it!

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